SteamJet is looking for
commercial partners

SteamJet is looking for  commercial partners

SteamJet planned to perform the first in-orbit demonstration of a reliable, compact, and affordable water-based propulsion system launched from a Soyuz. Nevertheless, this launch has been delayed and is now canceled. This is the reason why our second test in-orbit demonstration in cooperation with Space X becomes the first one.

Herewith, SpaceX and Momentus have confirmed that the launch will take place, while the SatRevolution company has already prepared the SteamSat satellite for our thruster. SteamJet claims that the propulsion system is ready to launch, all the necessary tests are carried out, and all the documents necessary for starting are collected.

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic and limitations caused by it are not an obstacle to launch preparation. As soon as these constraints remove and the borders open, our engineer will begin to install the propulsion system, and then the SteamJet thruster will be transported to California.

Additionally, SteamJet plans to conduct the second and third test in-orbit demonstrations of the water-based propulsion system on 3U – 6U satellites in 2021 that is why we are looking for commercial partners who would like to test their equipment in space on SteamSat satellites or install SteamJet TunaCan Thrusters on their satellite in 2021. If you would like to become our commercial partner, please contact us at or +44 2030971534