TunaCan Thruster

The most compact resistojet for Small Satellites and CubeSats

► High thrust

► Safe & Green

► Low power consumption

The TunaCan propulsion unit is the only system in the market that can be entirely installed in the “tunacan” volume available in many CubeSat deployers, which is located outside the main CubeSat structure. With a very compact size and low power consumption, the system is specially designed for 3U and 6U CubeSats.

Support all your satellite needs

Constellation management

Position and maintain each satellite of your constellation.

Satellite life extension

Extend your satellite lifetime to maximize your mission ROI.

Orbit optimization and maneuvers

Optimize your satellite orbit after launch.

Collision avoidance

Raise or lower your satellite orbit to avoid collisions with other space objects.


De-orbit your satellite at the end of your mission to avoid space debris and international penalties.

Ideal for 1U – 6U

TunaCan Thruster is a fully contained propulsion unit with fuel tank and electronics




Tunacan shape factor can be installed in the tunacan volume in CubeSat deployers

Get a free Engineering Model for integration testing

Contact us to receive a free Engineering Model of the TunaCan Thruster. Test the mechanical and electrical integration of the Thruster with your satellite platform for a hassle-free mission.

Range of solutions

TunaCan Thruster
Thruster with external Water Tank
Attitude Control Thruster

Typical Applications

Propulsion capabilities are essential nowadays to efficiently deploy and operate CubeSat constellations, however, they are also necessary to maintain altitude on very low orbit missions and avoid collisions with other space objects. Please take a look at the application examples for the 400 km orbit:

For 3U (5kg)

ProductInitial OrbitTotal ImpulseLife-timeOrbital ChangeOrbit PhasingCollision avoidance
No Propulsion400 km0 Ns1.6 yearsNoNoNo

For 6U (10kg)

ProductInitial OrbitTotal ImpulseLife-timeOrbital ChangeOrbit PhasingCollision avoidance
No Propulsion400 km0 Ns1.6 yearsNoNoNo

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