SpaceTech Expo Europe 2019

SpaceTech Expo Europe 2019

On November 19-21, 2019 the SteamJet team visited the Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 in Bremen, Germany. The international conference Space Tech Expo is a specialized exhibition dedicated to the design, production, and testing of space technology, including spacecraft for various purposes, satellites, propulsion systems, and ground infrastructure, etc. 

The conference participants, consisting of representatives of ThrustMe, Eutelsat, T4i and Exotrail companies, shared their experiences and had an interesting discussion regarding the choice of the right propulsion system to enhance the sustainable development of satellite constellations.

During the discussion, it turned out that there is no ideal propulsion system that can fit all customer needs. The fact is that each propulsion system has its pros and cons. The SteamJet team, in turn, presented the capabilities of our propulsion engine and made useful contacts for future flight tests and hosted payloads.

Most of the companies, the largest on the CubeSat market, showed interest in our thrusters moreover, expressed a desire to provide flight platforms for launches and even invest in our projects. Our propulsion system demonstrates better benefits than our competitors in such market segments as LEO orbits and nanosatellites up to 20 kg. Herewith, after discussion at the conference, the SteamJet team plans to increase our product portfolio to extend the market.

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