Small Satellite conference 2019

Small Satellite conference 2019

The SmallSat Conference put together companies – manufacturers of small satellites who were looking for innovative ways to increase the chances of mission success by using various design techniques, autonomy techniques, and streamlined processes that help detect and mitigate potential challenges. Conference participants had the opportunity to examine new technologies, design methods, processes that could finally promote their propulsion systems.

On August 3-8, 2019, the SteamJet team (hereinafter SJ) visited the SmallSat Conference 2019 in Logan, Utah, USA. The purpose of the visit was to present the capabilities of our propulsion system, search for potential customers and launch partners for flight tests. 

The majority of the exhibiting companies provided lively, detailed explanations about their products. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to have chats and meetings with representatives of the major companies in the CubeSat market. The SJ team found out that our trust system was of great interest in solving various challenges of small satellites.

Herewith, companies that planned to launch satellite constellations have expressed particular interest in our propulsion system. Finally, the SJ reached preliminary agreements on flight tests of the trust system and the provision of test results to potential customers. It was decided to demonstrate the propulsion system at its booth in 2020.

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