Steam Jet

Innovative water thruster
for satellite orbit control

SteamJet is developing a safe compact incombustible thruster for orbit control of CubeSat satellites.

The main technology is a rapid heating of a non-combustible working fluid.

Our advantages:

  • The thruster is safe to be stored on a space station or a spacecraft
  • Our solution is simpler and cheaper than the competitors’
  • Our thruster simplifies the design of other engine components by implementing a more effective mode of working mass exhaustion

The size of the thruster is 1U, it can be mounted on a small satellite that is larger than 2U in size.

Orbit control propulsion

Our Team

Pavel Savin

Mr. Pavel Savin has graduated from Novosibirsk State University, the Faculty of Physics in 1992. He has participated in numerous educational programmes, including the Startup Access cource of Cambridge Innovation Center and an MIT course on “Commercialization of Innovations”.

Mr. Pavel Savin has a wide experience of investment in high-tech projects; he has successfully invested in and is a general director of Optromix Company (development and distribution of fiber lasers), eRequest (CRM system for hospitals), EasyCase (IT-platform for medical tourism), Kotły c.o. Żubr. (distribution of air scrubber systems in Poland), SteamJet Space Systems (development of a water-fueled micro thruster)

Victor Agafonov

Mr. Victor Agafonov has graduated from Novosibirsk State University, the Faculty of Physics.

Mr. Victor Agafonov has remarkable business and investing experience in various fields, including investments into high-tech startups and companies.

Vladimir Fyodorov
Chief Engineer

Mr. Vladimir Fyodorov has graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Novosibirsk State University in 1994.

Mr. Vladimir Fyodorov has been working in the field of wet air scrubbing since 1997 and has extensive experience with air scrubbers. He has several patents concerning gas-liquid flows, he is the founder of successful company that is manufacturing industrial wet air scrubbers, and is a chief engineer for SteamJet. Mr. Vladimir Fyodorov is responsible for the physical and technological guidance of the project.

Gleb Philin
Project Manager

Mr. Gleb Philin has graduated Novosibirsk State University in 1992. He has considerable experience in the commercialization of innovations in numerous projects.

Mr. Gleb Philin is responsible for the project management. He organized the SteamJet R&D process, components procurement, communications and marketing process.

Ivan Timofeev
Prototyping Engineer

Mr. Ivan Timofeev has graduated Novosibirsk State Technical University with a master’s degree in ballistics and aerohydrodynamics and he currently is a postgraduate at Novosibirsk State University, Physics Faculty. He has published multiple scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Mr. Ivan Timofeev is responsible for the prototyping of the thruster.

Roman Zakharov
R&D Engineer

Mr. Roman Zakharov graduated the Physics Faculty of the Novosibirsk State University with a master’s degree.

He specialises in the development of innovative technologies. Mr. Roman Zakharov is responsible for the theoretical calculations and the mathematical model of the project

Marco Pavan
Prototyping Engineer

Mr. Marco Pavan has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Coventry University, UK. He has extensive knowledge in a field of aerospace structures and vehicles and valuable insight into the industry through his work with Airbus.

Mr. Marco Pavan is responsible for establishing contacts with potential clients, search for component distributors and potential investors, project presentations and participation in incubator events.

Latest News

SpaceTech SW2017
SteamJet accepted into SpaceTech SW2017

SteamJet has been accepted into the SpaceTech SW2017 Incubator. Our team has been invited to participate in the launching events as part of the validation session. Ivan Timofeev has travelled to Falmouth, Cornwall, where he has met up with incubator representatives, industry professionals and potential investors and has had a chance to peach our project and. The presentation has received great feedback from such experts as Cathrine Armour, Joe Pearce, and Robert Misselbrook.

Ivan has obtained vital experience during the visit to Cornwall which has had an inspirational effect on his thinking and line of work. The trip was highly beneficial not only to Ivan but to the entire team as it showed us our strengths and weaknesses which is important for our further development.